Friday, February 11, 2011

You don't have to have a sweetheart to share the love in Stanthorpe

February 14th can feel a little lonely if you are single...but we're just not having it!

Bella Rosa's, just north of Stanthorpe, is inviting you to come out and meet other singles. The social kicks off at 6.30pm on Monday and for just $55 you'll receive a 3 course dinner and complementry drink. They are also providing free transport to/from Stanthorpe Post Office to spare you getting up close and personal with Mr Plod.

Effervescent hosts Michelle and Nat Burton say "you never know, you might meet the man/woman/manwo of your dreams!"  Or you might just have a very pleasant evening in good company.   The girls at Bella Rosa's have a tea room, beer garden and cottage and they are one of dozens of participatants in the Granite Belt's Fab Feb 30% OFF campaign