Thursday, February 26, 2009

Queensland Decides

Queensland politicians may be waiting for exit polls on 21st March, but they’ll be pipped at the post by a new survey being undertaken by Granite Belt winemakers. Wine – in moderation – is infinitely more interesting than politics, they believe.

Under Australian law, wine labels must carry certain information – the big question is: how should Queensland’s top drops be identified? Should they read “Granite Belt, Queensland” or, should they read “Granite Belt, Australia”? Both are legal, but what does the consumer want?

It is a timely question as - for the first time ever – the 2008 Wine of the Year in Winestate magazine came from the Granite Belt. It beat off 10,000 all-comers from across the country, busting the myth that Queenslanders can’t make wine. VOTE NOW.