Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Ultimate Granite Belt Food + Wine Mag Is Now Online

The must-have guide for Granite Belt food and wine lovers is here!

The Granite Belt Food + Wine Magazine showcases the very best food and wine product in the region.

Discover what's on offer in the Granite Belt from the paddock, pantry and plate in a fun, easy to read, and enticing way.

Learn about the Granite Belt's organic producers; one of Australia's largest, premium vinegar producers; the region's European influences; and a stunning Shiraz that took Royal Melbourne Wine Show's top gold.

It also includes some mind-blowing recipes, from scrumptious apple muffins to the decadence of Cavolo Nero. The recipes use local ingredients, offering quality that won’t be appearing on supermarket shelves any time soon.

The Granite Belt celebrates life by the seasons, and this magazine will show you how to be a part of that from Spring-time Primavera, to the famous upcoming Brass Monkey winter season.

Read the online flipbook or download the 118 page annual magazine at