Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taking on Barolo - Lirah's Nebbiolo Shines

In the words of wine writer Ken Gargett, "who would of thought that a small patch of dirt on Queensland's Granite Belt could come up with something that great producers in Barolo find mythical?"

That is exactly what Ian Henderson of LiraH, son-in-law of Angelo Puglisi (the Godfather of Queensland wine), has achieved.

Known in the southern hemisphere as Christmas wine (the grapes stay on the vines until Christmas), late-ripening Piedmont grape Nebbiolo is an exceptionally rare and eagerly-sought wine.

Since 2005, after a trip to Europe, Ian has tackled the challenge of producing a winter harvest Nebbiolo with excellent results. So impressive, one rep from a Barolo winery mistaken believed that it was made by his employer, and told that them how pleased he was with it.

Congrats Ian. Read the full article in the April/May edition of Gourmet Traveller Wine.