Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stanthorpe's James Blundell shares the love in Fab Feb

Fab Feb is the campaign where more than two dozen Granite Belt tourist operators have slashed prices by 30% as a way of sharing the love with Queenslanders during post flood fatigue. The idea is to give yourself a break from flood recovery and escape to the country...Granite Belt wine country in Stanthorpe.

But ....local born hero, James Blundell has gone one better and is giving both his time and his talent as part of the flood recovery activities.  The multi-Aria award winner is this week performing live at a free concert with a twist.

The gig starts at 5.30pm this Thursday at the Texas Town Hall - that's Texas Queensland. It is part of a community thank you to volunteers from Texas USA who came to help the small town beleaguered by recent flooding. Now that's what I call fab!