Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Degustation a Fab Feb Delight

One of Stanthorpe's oldest tourist operators has undergone a makeover and they are hosting a degustation dinner to celebrate. 

The place has new owners, new furniture and new furnishings but these have not dimished the traditional charm of Happy Valley Retreat.  Geoff and Dee Davenport have joined forces with Robert Channon Wines - from just up the road - in inviting you to join a select group to enjoy a seven course degusation dinner on Saturday 19 February.

The man behind the new menu is head chef Michael Lambert, the man behind the wine is of course Robert Channon, a legend in his own short lunchtime on the Granite Belt.  Book now $90/head  includes live entertainment. Phone 4681 1370 and look online to take advantage of one of the Granite Belt's Fab Feb 30% OFF campaign offers,