Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Saffron Harvest at Robert Channon Wines

Robert Channon will be keeping his saffron plants as comfortable as possible during Stanthorpe’s cold winter months. And for good reason. Saffron rates as the most expensive spice in the world. 75,000 flowers and 20 hours of labour produce a mere 450 grams of saffron threads. The first crop of saffron from the new crocus plantation has been lovingly hand-picked by a team of careful labourers. Early estimates put the crop at just under 25 grams. It is hoped that this will increase sixfold in the next year of production.

The crocus plantation adjoins the new oak forest, which Robert and Peggy Channon hope will shortly be producing their first truffles. Another first for the Granite Belt.

To enjoy the fragrant and colorful delights of saffron infused cooking, come to ‘Spain on a Plate’- fare with flamenco flare by Tony Southgate, at the Singing Lake Café at Robert Channon Wines on Saturday July 25 ($39 per person). The mouth-watering menu, including the new saffron in the paella, visit