Friday, June 26, 2009

Eat, Drink and be Merry in Xmas in Winter

Who says Santa only comes once a year? Maybe it's the cold weather, or the likelihood of snow this year, but Santa is making the Granite Belt home this winter.

And for good reason. A variety of Christmas themed dinners at The Rocks Restaurant, Felsberg Winery, Whiskey Gully Wines, Claudia's Country Restaurant, Murray Gardens, Giardino Cafe and Queensland College of Wine Tourism plus Market in the Mountains, looks set to make the Granite Belt THE place for mid-year yuletide celebrations in July and August.

With temperatures regularly below zero and fireplaces already burning, this winter could see a repeat of last year's sleet and hopefully of snow. Yes snow in Queensland! The prospect of snow re-inforces Stanthorpe's reputation of not only being the coolest place in Queensland, but also the best place to bring family and friends this winter. For a full list of upcoming events, look online for events calendar for July and August and Stanthorpe accommodation bookings.