Monday, February 4, 2013

Sun, sand, surf ... and wine?

"I wasn't expecting a wine like this . . . not from the surf-washed, Hawaiian shirt-splattered, pineapple-infested state of Queensland.
From a list of labels I'd never heard of, I opted for the Boireann Mourvedre Tannat 2008. My God, it sang. Those aromatics, that dense yet joyous fruit, the structural integrity . . . this was not some florid, hot and bothered Aussie red. It was the kind of interesting cool climate wine anyone, anywhere, would proudly serve a dinner guest. I stared at the glass and murmured "Queensland, why have you been hiding this away?"
During the days following that first memorable meal at the Vineyard Cafe in the heart of the Granite Belt wine region, explanations emerged. One was this: Queensland has been hiding this vinous treasure from itself."