Thursday, March 29, 2012

ROAD TRIP! A Few Frustrated City Types Head to the Granite Belt

Don't you just love last minute 'let's get out of here' plans?

Last weekend The Wine Punter decided on a 'spur of the moment Road Trip' weekend away with a group of friends and headed to the Granite Belt.

As he puts it..a few frustrated city types headed out to the country in search of some fresh air, starry skies and wine. Lots of wine.

Check out their travels and fun-filled shenanigans on you tube including stomping grapes, savouring gourmet food by flowing granite-lined rivers, and tasting new vintages straight from the barrel at Pyramids Road Wines.

There must be something in that country air. People are friendly, time slows down and conversations are never hurried. Everything appears more vibrant and smells, tastes and sensations are vivid.

This is a special place.  If you live in Brisbane, do yourself a favour.  Pack the car, load up the iPod with some driving tunes and head south-west.  You’ll feel all the better for it. 

Thanks Wine Punter!