Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Granite Belt Has It In Spades

Want to discover more about the Granite Belt's growing insurgence in the wine industry? The March/April edition of the fabulous high-end magazine, Brisbane News features the region in Tony Harper's wine review.

Wine guru, judge and owner of The Wine Emporium, Harper notes,

Watching the Granite Belt come of age has been a wonder. I first traipsed its hills as a string bean fresh out of school more than two decades ago.

Even then there was cause to wonder amid the dross. But a visit today is a different story. It’s now a land with distinctive vinous subregions and a population of wine producers using its formidable attributes to fashion a startling and diverse array of wines.

The transition has spawned a great melting pot of styles and ideals. I am a great believer in the notion of a strongly discernible Granite Belt character as it is a region with pronounced terroir. But the coming of age of any region involves the breaking away of its participants and the forming of individuality within the markings of the region.

The Granite Belt has it in spades.

Check out the full edition online here