Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taste Liftout Discovers the Wings of the Strange Bird Trail

Tuesday's Taste Liftout in the Courier Mail and other national newspapers discovered the wings of the Strange Bird.

The Strange Bird Alternative Wine Trail was applauded for its foresight and innovation - championing the alternative varieties that are growing in popularity every day.

Owner of Hidden Creek and one of the two founders of Strange Bird, Jim Barnes (pictured) said " Everyone has tasted Shiraz. This is pitched at a generation that likes to find new varieties and show what they've discovered to their friends."

The Liftout also included a special Top 100 Wines insert. Recommended wines from the Granite Belt included:
  • Robert Channon 2011 Verdelho  - 91 points
  • Symphony Hill Reserve 2010 Verdelho - 89 points
  • Robert Channon 2011 Chardonnay - 90 points
  • Ballandean Estate 2005 Late Harvest Sylvaner Gewurztraminer - 91 points

To discover the Strange Bird Alternative Wine Trail visit