Friday, November 25, 2011

Foodies Guide to...the Granite Belt

Have you checked out the latest edition of the Foodies Guide to Brisbane 2012. Ok - it's called the Brisbane Guide but author Karen Reyment couldn't resist taking you on a journey of foodie discover through the Granite Belt (Stanthorpe) region. Below are some top quotes from the publication.

Quart Pot Bakery  - Award-winning Waygu and mushroom (pies) is our pick: 5 kilograms of Waygu and 6 kilograms of local mushrooms are cooled down to become all kinds of wonderful.

The Bramble Patch - If you're still thinking of the Bramble Patch as jam makers, think again. This family outputs sixity product lines...

Jamworks of Glen Aplin - Sue Ingall has won so many awards for jam that she's stopped entering and now sponsors the awards herself...(psst! don't miss Ingall's glorious zucchini relish)

LiraH - Lirah vinegars are of outstanding quality.

Strawberry Fields - Why are Strawberry Fields strawberries so good? Because they're picked as red and ripe as possible.

Sutton's Juice Factory, Cidery and Distillery  - Definitely the best apple pie we've tasted.

Sam's Summit Fruit - Owner Sam Giacca is a local legend and is loved by all.

Castle Glen Australia - Give Musk Stick liquor a try - it's a liquid version of the lolly.

Vivienne's Cottage Spice Shop - there's quite a following for her chutneys.

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