Monday, May 17, 2010

Viva Italia on Queensland's Granite Belt

Open the phone book in Stanthorpe today and you could be mistaken for thinking you were in Sicily!  The town known as the coolest place in Queensland also has a well-earned reputation as the Queensland wine capital.

The formation of the wine industry began in the late 1800s at the behest of the local catholic priest, an Italian by the name of Fr Jerome Davadi.  The Italian - and wine - legacy  lives on and this year the Granite Belt region is a focus for the 2010 Italian Week celebrations. Two events celebrating the Italian culture and heritage will be held on the Granite Belt, making it a great time to come and say ciao to a local:
  • Italian Motor Vehicle Rally to Stanthorpe 22 & 23 May
  • Jon English and Peter Cupples "Unscrewed" at Qld College of Wine Tourism Dinner and Show Sunday 23 May
In the words of the Consul, Dr Francesco Capecchi, "Today Italians are an integral part of Queensland life..." and in this multi-cultural corner of the sunshine state we owe a great deal of our wine and food culture to those migrants who chose to settle on the Granite Belt.  Grazie!

These two events are in association with the Italian Immersion Program students at Stanthorpe State high School. 2010 Italian Week 22 May: 2 June - online bookings available.