Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Come sit At Our Table

Granite Belt residents love a good celebration and as Queensland turns 150, we want you to celebrate with us. As part of the range of Q150 and State Library of Queensland’s At Our Table events, Stanthorpe has been selected as one of ten regions to honour the cultural heritage of our State.

The Granite Belt’s unique multi-culturalism is reflected in the wide range of food and wine produced in and around Stanthorpe, with equally abundant traditions and histories. All of these will be commemorated on Sunday 23 August when the Queensland College of Wine Tourism hosts The Winemaker’s Story - a day of good food, fine wine and tales of the Granite Belt. A great opportunity to learn the techniques of Queensland’s premier winemakers, sample locally produced cheese and wine and taste the culinary delights of resident chef Andrew Simpson; and with activities for the kids, it is an interesting day out for the whole family.

Secure a place by booking online through the Granite Belt Wine Tourism website, and download the Q150 brochure to find out more information, or follow similar stories on the Queensland State Library Blog Site.

The Winemaker’s Story proudly supported by, Queensland College of Wine Tourism, Granite Belt Wine Tourism, Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries and Southern DownsRegional Council Library Services – Stanthorpe Library.

Image courtesy of Tourism Queensland