Friday, July 17, 2009

Ballandean Gets Fruity Again

If you’ve been travelling through the Granite Belt lately and noticed something askew in Ballandean, fear not. Beloved Fruity (Fruitisforus) has returned from dinosaur hospital to a warm welcome by members of the Ballandean Hall Committee who manoeuvred him back to his usual position near the highway.

While Fruity has long since retired from public performances as a Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Festival float, he is still wooing the crowds as a popular Ballandean tourist attraction. Not to be left lonely in his retirement, Fruity will be rejoined by his parade peers in the coming weeks as they too return from similar joint replacements customary to those of a mature age.

On the same topic (and no we don’t mean the ageing process), the Ballandean Hall Committee is looking for any lovely ladies who may have represented the district in the Apple & Grape Harvest Festival or its predecessor the Apple Blossom Festival. Please contact Chook Williamson on 07 4684 1077 (and no, he won’t send you off to dinosaur hospital).