Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Japanese Palates Take to Granite Belt Wines

More than 1000 Japanese palates were put tempted with wines from Queensland’s Granite Belt recently and a cultural festival in Shiwa.

The event was organised by WINE-TREE which officially launched a number of Granite Belt wines in Japan on 27th October 2008.

WINE-TREE conducted a pre-testing and pre-sales promotion as part of the two days Cultural-Industrial Festival in Shiwa in Northern Japan. Shiwa is itself a wine region and shares a sister city relationship with Stanthorpe, in the heart of the Granite Belt.

Feedback from those who enjoyed tasting the wines concluded that the fine aroma and deep taste of Granite Belt wines were appreciated by the audience. Visitors who normally find red wines a bit harsh, said these wines were very smooth.

While price may make these boutique wines a special occasion or gift purchase for some, others wanted to know where they could buy the wines in Japan to enjoy more often.

Wines in the tasting were from leading Granite Belt producers Ballandean Estate, Masons Wines, Ravens Croft Wines, Ridgemill Estate, Robinson’s Family Winery, Robert Channon Wines and Summit Estate. Visit