Friday, June 1, 2012

Your Winter Escape - Be Cool and Join us for Brass Monkey Season

It's here! Winter is colloquially our Brass Monkey Season; frosty mornings, beautiful crisp clear days, the bare trace of winter trees trimmed with frost, and cosy evenings with a glass of red in front of an open fire.

Stanthorpe is the coolest (make that coldest) place in Queensland, and it’s the winter chill in the Granite Belt that has earned the season its nickname.

June, July and August is the busy season in the Granite Belt and Stanthorpe, as visitors come to enjoy a crackling log fire, slow cooked food, and sensational winter reds. Plus, there is always the prospect - or hope - of snow and the first reports bring media and visitors flocking to the region.

Our new Winter Guide provides a plethora of Brass Monkey activities for you to experience. It's about relaxing, reconnecting, and rejuvenating. So be cool, and join us in the Granite Belt this Brass Monkey Season.