Monday, December 20, 2010

Bush Tucker takes off in Granite Belt

Visit Stanthorpe in January where The Aussie Beef Steakhouse is introducing a special Aussie Taster plate influenced by native bush tucker.   The entree includes :
  • Grilled Crocodile skewers with Desert Lime Chutney
  • Herb crusted seared emu steak with grilled field mushrooms
  • Kangaroo, bush tomato and mountain pepper sausage with tomato relish
  • Braised wild goat and onion pie.
The steakhouse adjoins the High Street Motor Inn, both run by the Cox family. Your hosts will regale you with the story behind Akatjurra, the bush tomato harvested by the Alyawarra Aboriginal tribe and the Mountain Pepper plus all the other bush goodies.  Tucker and its tale for just $16 - this entree portion is perfect for curious tastebuds and patriots when dining on the Granite Belt.  While in the region, pop into Castle Glen and try their bush tucker in a bottle - ask for the wild plum liqueur.