Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lunch on a Local this Spring

There are still three weeks to treat yourself to the spring menu at the Banca Ridge Bistro which features the very finest ingredients from a number of Granite Belt producers.  Under the masterful eye of head chef Andrew Simpson (left), the students at the Queensland College of Wine Tourism are dishing up the best of the Granite Belt's spring offering.

The Spring menu's hall of fame includes recognition for Mallow Lamb, Suttons apple juice and Symara organic fennel bulbs.  A mushroom cappuccino and roasted pear and crisp chorizo salad are just two of the items on the college's signature dish - Medley of Mains.  The Medley includes samplers of four separate dishes, each accompanied by their own wine and all for $37.50.  Book your table now 07 4685 5050. Buon appetito!