Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bramble Patch Hat Trick

First it was a string of gold medals in Tasmania, now judges at the Melbourne and Sydney Royal Shows are the latest to laud the gourmet delights from Stanthorpe's Bramble Patch.  Joining the family trophy cabinet this week are:

2010 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Show
  • GOLD Bramble Patch Eggplant Kassoundi
  • SILVER Bramble Patch Hot Lime Pickle
  • BRONZE Bramble Patch Desert Lime and Chardonnay Paste 
2010 Royal Sydney Fine Food Show
  • BRONZE Bramble Patch Tomato Kassoundi
  • BRONZE Bramble Patch Raspberry Vinegar
  • BRONZE Bramble Patch Berry Vincotta
The Bramble Patch was established just south of Stanthorpe by Don and Patsy Stirling in 1994 following their move from Western Australia.  Since that time the former broadacre wheat farmers have developed a popular range of premium quality produce and a loyal customer base.  The Bramble Patch on tour is a regular features of Granite Belt Flavours at Brisbane's South Bank - next showing Sunday 3 October 10am-4pm.