Saturday, May 22, 2010

Queensland reds up for the challenge

Across Queensland this week the talk is of State of Origin rugby. While it may traditionally be a beer and pizza night for many, it is wine that Italians drink with pizza. Get with the programme guys!

As we’re just a few days short of the official start of winter (1st June) the State of Origin drink of choice surely has to be a glass of Queensland red.

The Granite Belt produces more than 60% of Queensland’s red wine and is now stocked in leading bottle stores and restaurants in Queensland's southeast corner. While some south of the border think we only make bongo juice, many leading wine judges and wine writers know that view is SO yesterday. Wine production and quality have come a long way in recent years, and the Granite Belt leads the pack. Even the PM now has some in his cellar.

So whether you tune into State of Origin this week - or retreat from it - fly the Queensland flag in your choice of wine and enjoy a glass of Granite Belt red. Cheers!  PS click here for your chance to win a case of Granite Belt red wines.