Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fly In Wine Tours

It's hard to keep a secret in a country town, but we managed to do just that prior to the arrival of flight one this morning into Stanthorpe.  Sunshine Aviation today launched its charter air service into the Granite Belt.  The secrecy surrounding the first passengers was lifted when a film crew and travel writer stepped onto the red carpet.  They were greeted with a chilled glass of sparkling wine - Granite Belt wine of course!

The company anticipates its new charter service from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast will appeal to holiday makers wanting to take a short break in the Queensland wine capital.  Local business people expect the service will benefit more than just the tourist sector with prospective tree change investors being amongst those who will likely use the service.

The first flight from Brisbane's Archerfield airport touched down at Stanthorpe Aerodrome just before 10am today Wednesday 14 April 2010.  The media party will spend two days in the region, living through what would be a typical two day fly-in fly-out short break.  The visit marks the first of a series of media famils. intended to spread the word about the new service.