Monday, August 22, 2011

How to be Rugged and Romantic

Tiana Templeman, writing for Travel Ninemsn, has tackled the debate of why most romantic packages are aimed at women. Can a man be romantic and rugged at the same time?  The answer is definitely yes, if you follow her top travel tips.

Her number 7 recommendation to Australian men is to become a Winemaker for the Weekend in the Granite Belt.

"Modern wine production isn't voodoo practiced in dark, musty cellars hidden from the public eye", chuckles winemaker Peter Orr. 

Especially not at the Queensland College of Wine Tourism which runs an interactive Winemaker for the Weekend course at its flash $9 million training facility in Stanthorpe. If rambling through picturesque on-site vineyards, enjoying terrific food and wine and learning about all things vinous sounds like fun then this course is for you. Participants get to try their hands at everything from picking to pressing and are also treated to a private Masterclass with a much-awarded local winemaker. The two day program includes training, meals, wine and — perhaps most importantly — bus transfers to and from your accommodation so there's no need to drive.

Hot tip: 31 the rocks offers suitably 'manly' accommodation — bright and modern without a doily in sight.

So if you are after a holiday the both of you will actually enjoy, venture to the Granite Belt.