Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remembering our French Connection

The hamlets and regions of Amiens, Messines, Bapaume, Passchendaele, Bullecourt, Pozieres and Fleurbaix are dotted across the Granite Belt, but sometimes we forget why.

Following World War I, soldier settlements were established in the region and in recognition the villages were named after French battlefields. Our fresh mountain air was considered ideal for returning soldiers suffering from mustard gas exposure.

To ensure we don't forget our French connection and war heroes, local Fay Helwig has been busy organising poppy planting for Remembrance Day. An annual activity for Fay, who this year most appropriately had the assistance of French born tourist Gilles d'Arcimoles.

Despite jetlag after a massive 29-hour flight, the 18 year old cultivated the field with great enthusiasm, proud to be a part of the Granite Belt's dedication all those that gave their lives.

Visit the Granite Belt this November and be rewarded with a stunning display of red poppies - don't miss it!