Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NZ Let's Travel Magazine Discovers 10 Reasons to visit the Granite Belt

Only 10 - we could think of 1000 reasons for you to visit the Granite Belt. But we have to admit NZ Magazine Let’s Travel writer Tiana Templeman's journey of discovery is the perfect way to spend a weekend or week in the 'Capital of Cool'.

1. Seek out a Strange Bird
Strange Birds have no feathers, don’t know how to fly, only come in two colours – red or white – and live in a bottle. Confused? Don’t be. These Strange Birds are Granite Belt wines made from alternative grape varieties.

2. Art in a bottle
Winemaker Adrian Tobin is an artist at heart - something that’s reflected in the beautiful labels on his individually numbered bottles of wine... and a cellar door where each tasting comes in a fresh Riedel-style glass.

3. How do you like them apples?
Suttons Juice Factory and Cidery is exactly that, an unassuming shed filled with some of the most delicious apple goodies you’ve ever tasted. ‘Some people drive from Brisbane just for the pie.’

4. Nude food
Nude Food isn’t a cooking course for naturists – it’s a self-guided food trail linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to the local community and natural environment. Pick up a brochure at the Visitor Centre in Stanthorpe then hit the road in search of tasty treats like farmhouse cheeses, fresh strawberries, award winning jams and handmade chocolates.

5. Cute or contemporary - the choice is yours
The Granite Belt has some beautiful B&Bs, but if you prefer more contemporary accommodation then ‘31 the rocks’ is for you. They consider things like the complimentary in-room liqueur served with pretty handmade chocolates as ‘standard’, but this place is anything but standard.

6. The Bramble Patch
Everyone – whether they’re seven or 77 - raves about this berry farm located at the end of a winding country road in Glen Aplin. Taste your way through the range of over 50 gourmet products.

7. Mt Stirling Olives
Olive aficionados will appreciate the vast array of products – Mt Stirling Olives is one of the few places outside Europe you can buy (and try) traditional salt dried olives.

8. Indulge with some fine shiraz
Shiraz Bistro & Wine Bar is more ‘city fine dining’ than ‘country bistro’ except for one thing - the prices listed on the menu, which is very smart indeed.

9. Winemaker for a Weekend
Modern wine production isn’t voodoo practiced in dark and musty cellars hidden from the public eye... especially not at the Queensland College of Wine Tourism which runs an interactive Winemaker for a Weekend course.

10. Celebrate, participate
Granite Belt locals love a celebration! Whether you’re into food, wine, music, art, culture or sport there’s sure to be an event to suit.

Read the full article and discover more reasons to visit!