Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Foodies enjoy last of the summer wine

Five food writers crossed the Great Dividing Range to work their way through more than a dozen Granite Belt menus and wine lists last weekend.

It was a tough job but those up for the challenge were Kerry Heaney, Tiana Templeman, Lorraine Elliott and Jenna Cairney (L to R here) with Vineyard Cafe Chef David Black and winemaker Adrian Tobin. Out of range was Wendy Hall.

The visit provided a fitting end for the last weekend of summer in the Queensland wine capital. The group spent three days criss crossing the Granite Belt and by all accounts returned home well fed and watered with memory chips full of images.  The food writers famil to Stanthorpe was organised by Tourism Queensland as part of its current publicity push to let Australians know we are open for business.  I'll drink to that!