Monday, January 24, 2011

Granite Belt Winemaker Shares the Love with Mater Babies

Despite Brisbane floods, every day premature babies in South East Queensland rely on the critical care of the Mater Hospital. It is an expensive business, but for these fragile little lives it is a show that must go on and one Queensland winemaker is putting his shoulder to the wheel - again.

For almost 20 years not drought, not rain, nor even flood has broken the bond between the Puglisi family and the Mater's Little Miracles fundraising activities.  Angelo Puglisi's gratitude is eternal, for the care they provided to his first grandchild, born four months early.  For almost six months in 1992 little Stephen 'lived' at the hospital until he was strong enough to come home to the Granite Belt Wine Country. 

Guests at Little Miracles fundraising dinner at the Brisbane Convention Centre on February 12 will sup on the Ballandean Estate Shiraz/Viognier blend, courtesy sponsorship of the Puglisi family.