Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How Low Will We Go?

January often sees Queensland sizzle day and night where even the pool or ocean provide little respite from the heat. But that's not the full story....

Just three hours from Brisbane, at 1000 metres above sea level there's a town with the reputation as Queensland's capital of cool. That's Stanthorpe! Even in the middle of summer, overnight temperatures seldom rise above 20 degrees celsius in the Granite Belt region.

Typical overnight temperatures are 5-7 degrees cooler than Brisbane - tomorrow for example folks in the Queensland wine capital will be 'chilling out' with daytime temperatures set to hit a pleasant 21 degrees...while Brisbane will be simmering at 29 degrees. While Quenslanders may be watching to see how high the mercury rises these holidays, in one place at least, it's a question of how low will we go.