Sunday, May 24, 2009

Buon Appetito

A professional Italian pizza maker, turned back-packer, has given the Mountview Wines new wood-fired pizza oven the thumbs up.

For eight years Sasciaj (Sasha) Cozzi enjoyed a formidable reputation for his pizzas and foccacias at Del Borgo in Milan. Then with his Scottish partner Jenna Cairney he travelled to Queensland, to pick apples in Stanthorpe. Sasciaj heard that Mountview’s oven was open to the community, so he put on a pizza party for his newfound “family” and friends. They shared fresh pizza and several bottles of Mountview's Bloody Good Red.

The Granite Belt’s multi-cultural community meant Sasciaj could get all the traditional pizza and foccacia ingredients. He said, “I couldn’t believe it – right here I was able to buy Molesini 00 flour, my favourite yeast and malt and really good olive oil. I can tell you, I didn’t find that when I stayed with Jenna’s family in Scotland!”

Interestingly Sasciaj (pictured) had never before used a wood-fired oven, and in Liguria he had never made round pizza. But he adapted easily and the only lament of his appreciative audience is that the young couple has now hit the road to travel north to soak up some Queensland sunshine.

Use of the facilities is free, simply contact David or Angela McGrath on 0418 985 393 and bring your pizza bases, toppings and friends along.